a chronicle of the history of the SEA

as such as creator of meaning early and abiding interest of JHM
much work in electronic music
making "sounds”
realized they had rhythm, pitch, dynamics, timbre, texture... all the elements!
each of these elements contributes a shape of its own, an energy contour if you will
determined to compose and analyze music by focusing on the composite impact of all those Sound Energy Aggregate was born

The idea has developed gradually over the years, and I now think of it as a phenomenology of music, or at least that is part of its essence. One way or the other, SEA analysis aims to be inclusive of all approaches to musical analysis, converting insights from any close study of music into estimates of energy contributions of the many musical parameters. As an analytical method, it is a contemplative approach, seeking to lead one to insights into the audible structure of music, into how the interaction of parameters creates a unified, supple, multi-dimensional flow of shifting energy.

Opening up the conceptual realm of energy manipulation, of counterpoint of disparate elements, opens up the potential for understanding and documenting the interaction of music and extra-musical elements such as dance, film, or theater.