Provided here are three guided meditations that you can use at home. Each is a little more than ten minutes, which includes about 5 minutes of space at the end for your open-ended meditation.

Since these require a Quicktime plug-in, they may or may not work on your browser. (In particular, Google Chrome does not support Quicktime.) In that case, follow this link to the download page for all the meditations. (You might still read the info found at the pages linked below.)

I recommend that you set a timer for yourself (most cell phones have good timers), and start the timer when you start the playback. This way, you can set the time for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever fits your available time. There is no prompt at the end of the recording, so it will stop with no sound and you can stay in your state of concentrated awareness.

I hope these will be of value for you!