Please join us for the next meeting of

Contemplating Music:

the Greater Boston Center for Contemplative Mind in Music

The first meeting of 2105-16 is currently projected to be in early October or late September. As I contact people and institutions to develop a constituency interested in pursuing questions related to music and contemplation, I am simultaneously seeking to locate an institutional host for the meetings. If such a location is found, we will cease meeting at my home, and if not, meetings will resume there.

The plan for the year is to have a series of people address the group regarding their interest in the intersection of contemplation and music, their contemplative practice, research into contemplative practice, or musical research or practice that illuminates deep issues in music.

If you are interested in these issues, or know someone who is, please get in touch with me or pass along a link to the site.


The meeting is open to all, no matter what kind of music your use of contemplative practice intersects with, no matter what the nature of your contemplative practice is. It is in part the surprise of variety in those two places that is exciting and encouraged.

Come prepared to share ideas, meet interested fellow musicians and thinkers, and help us get the organization firmly underway.

Please e-mail me (link below) to let me know you will come, but if you haven’t don’t let that prevent you from coming...