A Few Thoughts on Resonance

Resonance is an upwelling of unity. When in the presence of vibration, certain objects will start to vibrate with the original stimulus. Think of sympathetic vibration in instruments like the sitar (a set of strings not directly articulated vibrates when the other strings do): the term means something! Sympathy is coming into congruence with another’s feelings, this is a kind of unity as well. A piano or a violin is constructed as a resonating box, an object whose purpose is to vibrate in sympathy with the string source, amplify it so it spreads further. When someone states that what you said resonates with them, they are rather saying the same thing, that it stirred within their mind a sympathetic thought or feeling, a vibration.

So there is something about vibrating together, yes? Isn’t the phenomenon of entrainment the same? When in the presence of rhythm, a steady beat, we start to tap, sway, dance. Isn’t a beat sort of a slow vibration, a periodic reality? When people listen to music together, they become entrained to the same vibration, they resonate with the music, if you will. So a yet-unexplained (but well-documented) neurological phenomenon, entrainment, is a clear demonstration of the ability of musical engagement to create unity.